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Choose from 60+ interior themes


Every package includes a diverse collection of over 60 interior themes for you to choose from

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Try it out for free: sign up today and receive 1 room, 5 themes, and 12 renders (the best combination of our 3 AI models).

10 Rooms

200 renders

20 $ 10 $

  • 1 AI model
  • Redesign 10 rooms
  • 5 interior themes per room
  • 4 designs per theme
  • 4k Quality
  • Commercial Use

50 Rooms

Most popular

4000 renders

90 $ 45 $

  • 2 AI models
  • Redesign 50 rooms
  • 10 interior themes per room
  • 8 designs per theme
  • 4k Quality
  • Commercial Use

100 Rooms

12000 renders

170 $ 85 $

  • 3 AI models
  • Redesign 100 rooms
  • 10 interior themes per room
  • 12 design per theme
  • 4k Quality
  • Commercial Use


What is AI Interior Designer?

Ai Interior Designer is an AI-powered interior design service that utilizes advanced algorithms to redesign your rooms based on preferences you provide.

How does it work?

Using AID is incredibly straightforward: snap a photo of your room, upload it, choose your desired interior designs, and voilĂ !

Can I trust the AI-generated designs?

Certainly! While minor flaws may occur, they are easily adjustable to suit your preferences. The AI is a reliable starting point for your room makeover, providing valuable insights for your ideal interior design.

How many interior themes are available?

We provide over 60 diverse interior designs to find the perfect fit for your space. Choose from modern, classic, or eclectic styles that cater to your preferences, and watch your space transform

What is a render?

A render refers to the image generated for a specific theme. For example. It's is calculated by multiplying 50 rooms by 10 interior themes per room by 8 designs per theme, which equals 4000 images

Is it possible for me to create a design for an unfurnished room?

Certainly! Simply take a photo of your room, and we'll provide you with several design suggestions

How long does it take to redesign my room?

It should take a few seconds to minutes, depending on the number of themes you have selected.

Will the construction remain the same?

Yes, the construction will remain unchanged. However, if you opt for the 100-room package, you might notice some alterations in the design. This is because one of the models suggests modifications to the rooms, but the other models will leave it unchanged.

Can I get a refund?

As the designs are generated, we do not offer refunds. However, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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